Knowing how to nuance


By putting your emotions on the level, you have the opportunity to direct them. If you’ve lost your keys, ask yourself, “Does this deserve an explosion or just a small rise in temperature? Are the consequences so dramatic?” It takes two minutes, and you’ll see the nuances of the situation. As the choices become richer, so will the reactions. By reducing your automatic negative reactions, you increase your freedom.

Choosing the right fats


To be fit and healthy, eating fat is essential. But beware, that doesn’t mean eating French fries, pizza and other fried foods at every meal! You must limit the trans fats present in this type of diet and responsible for bad cholesterol. On the other hand, you should favour foods rich in good fats: omega 3. They are found in fatty fish such as salmon, trout or eggs.

Forget the past

Weel being

Live in the moment! At the risk of being saturated by this concept, it is nevertheless a more than valuable piece of advice. We can’t change the past, which is often punctuated by unfortunate events that we regret. Ruminating these thoughts prevents us from living serenely and positively.

As for the future, we know nothing about it and we cannot guarantee it. Living fully in the present moment by accomplishing all the tasks related to it allows us to appreciate life and the richness it offers us.